Photography courtesy of Evan Rummel.

Nicholas (Writer/Photographer) is based in Brooklyn, NY. They are an intersectional nerd and obsessed with talking/thinking/writing about all things creative and human.

Their artistic approach to all disciplines "..asks us to turn our attention but the intermediate, the space between one image and another where we might observe the mechanics of seeing at work."

Their most recent ongoing photography project is called "My Black Is...". The project attempts to interrogate Blackness from the vantage of it not being monolithic institution, but rather a rich tapestry of complex textures. Their hopes for the project is a multi-media experience open to the public as a free resource by which the preconceived notions of blackness are challenged. 

Currently Nicholas serves as a chair for the National Black Writers Committee and The Watering Hole Poetry Organization. 

Also, Nicholas is a freelance writer who publishes poems, essays, criticism/reviews. Their work has been published on several platforms including The Offing, Wildness Magazine, and more.


(All project inquires should be made at least a month from due date; anything less than a month can't be guaranteed.)