About Nicholas Nichols 

Photography courtesy of Evan Rummel.

Nicholas is a P(oet/hotographer), journalist, and nerd based in Brooklyn, NY. They are an intersectional nerd and obsessed with mango flavored products. 

Their artistic approach in regards to photography is to find the moment when the armor comes off. They love finding sublime in the mundane and beauty in the "ugly". 

Their ongoing photography project is called "My Black Is...". The project attempts to reveal that Blackness is not a monolith, but a complex, rich, and beautiful tapestry found across the world. They never want to cheapen the idea of Blackness as a handful of stereotypes, but lives lived across time, language, place, and culture.

Nicholas specialize in portraiture & documentary photography. 


(All photography inquires should be made at least 2 weeks from the shoot date.)